Barber Shop

a young boy getting a haircut

Barber Shop Insurance It is important to have good barber shop insurance in place to protect the owner, the employees, and the assets of the business. The most common risks for most business include property and products risks. However, cutting a client’s hair in a way they were unhappy with or accidentally nicking a customer’s […]

Craft Store

artwork in a craft store

Craft Store Insurance Owning an art and craft supplies store can be very rewarding, particularly if you enjoy doing arts and crafts projects yourself. As the owner of the store, you are responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly, stays profitable, and stays safe. The best way to keep it safe is to carry the […]

Grocery Store

a lady buying lemons

Commercial Property Insurance Your grocery store may contain air conditioning and heating systems, cooking and baking equipment, refrigeration units and processing equipment. The right coverage is essential because your equipment, and perishable inventory, can be extremely costly to repair or replace if not protected properly. Commercial property insurance provides the funds to replace or repair […]

Personal Fitness Trainer

a man and a woman in a boxing gym

As a licensed personal fitness trainer, you may be required to carry insurance in order to maintain your license. Personal trainer insurance requirements vary from state to state, and these requirements are in place to help protect your personal training business from claims and lawsuits. Liability insurance can cover defense costs, as well as any […]

Skin Care / Esthetician

a lady having a facial

You work hard to keep your clients’ skin healthy, clear, and glowing. As people continue to come to you for guidance, it’s more important than ever that you protect yourself, and your clients, with the right esthetician insurance plan. What Does Esthetician Insurance Do? Esthetician insurance helps you protect your business and personal finances from […]

Appliance Store


General Liability Insurance. This insurance covers your business against claims for bodily injury and property damage. When adding property coverage to a General Liability policy or GL policy, this is often referred to as a Business Owner Policy or BOP insurance. There are many facets to BOP insurance. General Liability protects your small business from […]

Auto Parts Store

auto parts store

There are many types of insurance coverages available, but these policies are the most relevant to auto parts stores. General Liability Insurance Auto parts stores are constantly visited by customers, which increases the risk that a customer will be injured or their property will be damaged. You can reduce the likelihood of incidents by making […]

Shoe Store – Repair

shoes and sandals for men

Running a shoe store business has its own set of unique challenges and rewards. Too many business owners are hit with unwelcome surprises because they simply forgot to review their insurance. A customer walks into your shop, trips over a rumpled rug, falls and  breaks a bone. The heel of a shoe is improperly repaired, […]


a lady folding clothes in a laundromat

As an owner of a commercial laundry business, you face unique risks when it comes to running a successful establishment. Understanding what your biggest risks are is key to purchasing the right type and right amount of laundromat insurance coverage. Fires caused by greasy fabrics, clogged dryer lint, or combustible items are among the biggest […]

Nail Salon

ladies showing their newly painted nails

Nail salon and nail technician insurance is customized to fit the needs of nail salon owners and nail techs. Choosing the appropriate coverages for your nail salon is vital, as it can protect against costly losses from things like customer injuries and resulting lawsuits. Types of Nail Salon Insurance…. General Liability If you’re ever sued, […]