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Flood Insurance

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Fact # 1

Flooding is a risk no matter where your home is located.

Myth #1

Flood insurance is only needed for people living in designated flood zones. The truth is, flooding is a potential risk everywhere and the damage can be very devastating.

Flood damaged building
Flood Damaged houses

Fact #2

Homeowners policies don’t usually cover damage from floods.

Myth #2

Homeowners insurance automatically includes flood coverage. That is usually not the norm, and you should assume you aren’t covered unless your homeowners policy specifically says otherwise. You need to check.

Fact #3

Only a small percentage of homes are covered by government programs.

Myth #3

Government programs have taken care of flood insurance. There is a National Flood Insurance Program that guarantees the availability of insurance in specific areas of the country. However, this only covers a tiny percentage of homes.

The difference between having a flood policy and not having a flood policy.

For most homeowners, floods are a low likelihood of ever happening, but a high-cost risk. If you are hit by flooding you could lose most, or all, of your personal possessions, face major reconstruction work, be left homeless, or even lose your life.

It could take months for your property to be made livable again. Not having coverage for flooding is a chance you simply can’t afford to take.

Contact us, we’ll go over your options and help explain the benefits of obtaining a separate flood insurance policy.

How to Buy Flood Insurance through The Princeton Agency

Although you cannot directly purchase flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program, you can buy it through authorized agents available through The Princeton Agency. 

We can answer questions for you so you can choose the type of coverage that best works for your needs, taking your home and geographical area into account and help you protect your most valuable assets.

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