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Types of Motorcycle Insurance Bodily Injury Liability Auto Coverage Pays for medical and legal protection should you cause bodily injury to another person while operating your motorcycle. Motorcycle Guest Passenger Liability In states where Motorcycle Guest Passenger Liability Coverage is separate from bodily injury liability, this coverage will pay for bodily injury, including medical expenses, […]

Collectible & Classic Auto

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Collectible Auto Insurance Agreed Value This protects the current market value of your car in the event of physical damage or a total loss. To protect the value of your car, the “agreed value” on your policy should represent your vehicle’s current market value. In the event of a covered total loss you will receive […]


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Recreational Vehicle Your new RV comes with a responsibility to protect and secure it from the dangers of America’s roadways. RV insurance coverage will protect you and your traveling companions and assets while you are on the road. RVs are used for a variety of purposes. Your RV insurance premiums will vary depending on the […]


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Snowmobile Insurance Your snowmobile is your ticket to enjoying the fresh mountain air and exhilarating scenery of the countryside, and while you’re out there in the thick of it all, contemplating whether you have the right insurance should be the last thing on your mind. Collision Coverage Covers damage to your snowmobile from a collision […]


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Watercraft Boat insurance policies vary widely in what they do, and do not, cover based on a number of considerations, including the type of boat, the waters it will traffic, and how many months of the year the boat will be used. Still, there are a few basic kinds of coverage you can expect to […]